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Wet Cuddles:

In the Watersports Training Manual (http://nifty.casti.com/nifty/information/ws-training) peegames in bed while cuddling. ' Spoon-style cuddling, with the man behind , is best suited for enjoying wetness. Just lie there together, and whenever one or both of you feels the urge, let it flow .'
See Also: buttered finger, cuddle birds, cuddle doves, cuddler, damp patch, dream whip, enuresis, hygrophilematous, oneirogmophobia, panty pisser, pitch woo, public display of affection, Scotch screw, urethral eroticism, urinism, wet, Wet Cuddles, wet dream-girl, wet fun, wet kiss, wet one, whipped cream, wide-on

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