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Who flew?:

In the US, another way of saying: ' Who farted? '
See Also: 501s, a bit of stuff, a piece of stuff, airborne copulation, bloody red flag is up, the, Button your arse!, coprophagia, coprophagy, diaphragm, fly, fly jockey, fly manually, fly-catcher, fly-girl, fly-trap, flying manual, flying the red flag, flytrap, halvsies, heads and tails, Marquis de Sade, menstruation, mother-in-law, old dose, piece of stuff, piles, playing hoopsnake, red baron, red flag, the, shop door, soixante-neuf, Spanish fly, tail over the dashboard, troll, Turkish medal, X.Y.Z., XYZ, zipless fuck, zipper morals

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