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adult magazine:

A pornographic magazine.
See Also: adult book, adult bookshop, adult magazine, Adult Verification Service, age of majority, Age Verification Service, atelia, AVS, bees and bees, belfa, bib, bliff mag, blow book, bod-comic, boylies, butt book, cacoethes, centerfold, cervical hostility, cherry top, color in the coloring book, consenting adult, Cosmo Girl, diddley-poo, dookey, drag mag, ecstasy intoxication, esurient, fag mag, fagrag, fanzine, flavor comic, fuck book, gallop the antelope, GIDAANT, girlie magazine, glossies, grump, hand book, heliogabalus, hermaphy, inunctionism, jazz mag, jintoe, kiddie porn, kiddy porn, kiss-kiss, lamma hutching, levator vaginae, men's magazine, monoclinous, nudies, one-on-one booth, orectic, pictorial prostitution, playboy, plushie, pornoshop, pornshop, pornzine, quebrachine, sex shop, sextainment, skin mag, skin magazine, stag mag, stroke book, tragalist, trash-rack, urethrorrhea ex ubidine, wank mag, X2K, yakum, zine

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