Sexual DictionaryDictionary of the F-Word

anal masturbation:

Stimulation of the rectal-anal region by moving a finger or phallic object (such as a dildo or a vibrator) back and forth into the rectum.
See Also: 3 point shot, 5-digit disco, 99, a bit of brown, a bit of ring, a date with Manuela, a date with Senorita Mano, a little southern romance, a visit from Mother Fist, accordion solo, ace fuck, acquired syphilis, active partner, active sodomist, addressing Mr. Palmer, adjusting your set, ambidexterity, anal copulator, anal dance, anal delight, anal fantasies, anal inserts, anal intruder, anal job, anal lovemaking, anal rampooner, anal scientist, anal toy, anal-rape fantasy, analipsation, analize, androsodomy, anorast, answer the bone-a-phone, anus queen, applying for a fishing liscence, applying lip gloss, applying the hand brake, archangel, arm aerobics, arm breaker, armswinging, arse beard, arse worm, arsometry, art of unisex, ask for the ring, ass grease, ass plug, ass thrasher, ass-fucking, assault on a friendly weapon, asshole fucking, asshole liaisons officer, asshole plugging, attacking the one-eyed purple-headed warrior, audition the finger puppets, auditioning the hand puppet, bachelor's delight, back jump, back scuttle, back seat driver, back yard prowler, back-door boogie, back-door buddy, back-door conquistador, backgammoner, backstroke roulette, baker's closed, balls deep into your fist, baloney colonic, bang artist, banging fudge, banging the drum, Barclay's bank, bashing the bishop, bashing the candle, bashing the dummy, basting the tuna, bat off, batter the sausage, batting practice, battling the purple-helmeted warrior, beastliness, beating around the bush, beating off, beating the bait, beating the bed flute, beating the bishop, beating the bologna, beating the boner, beating the bush, beating the meat, beating the old man, beating the piss outta my best friend, beating the pud, beating the snake, beating your meat on the toilet seat, beef-stroke-it-off, behind door work, behind the behind, bend down, bend some ham, bend someone over, biffing off, big date with Rosy Palms, big stroke time, biscuit-bandit, bishoprage, bit of brown, bit of ring, bit of tail, bleed the goose, blessing, bloating the vein, blooming, blowing out the plug, blowing your own horn, bludgeon the beefsteak, blue-vein shuffle, bob the bologna, bobbing the boloney, bodyguard, bollock service, bologna bop, bombing the German helmet, bone in the bum, bone the bum, booty-bandit, bop the mop, bopping Richard, bopping the bishop, bopping the bologna, bopping the bonzo, boring a bud, bottle merchant, bottom surgeon, box boy, boxing the bald champ, boxing the bald-headed clown, boxing the ballsack, boxing the Bozak, boxing the clown, boxing with Richard, boy-scout queen, broom in a cave, brown admiral, brown eye, brown eye miner, brown eye pie, brownie queen, Browning sister, brushing the beaver, bucking it, buey, buff the beaver, buff the dog, buff the mushroom, buff the pylon, buff the weasle, buffing, buffing the banana, buffing the bishop, buffing the box, buffing the helmet, buffing the jewel, buffing the magic lamp, buffing the rifle, buffing the wood, bugger-arsed, buggering, buggering the hand, buggerling, buggershy, bum bandit, bum basher, bum prodder, bum-fucker, bum-fugger, bum-licking, bumholerous fuckerous, bumming, bunghole bandit, bunker-shy, bunny cake, burgle, burgler, burp the baldman, burp the worm, burping the baby, burping the worm, bury one's ring, bury the bone in the backyard, bury the knuckle, bury the salami, bury the weenie, butt balling, butt bang, butt banging, butt play, butt-fuck buddy, butt-fucking, butt-slut, butter schlopping, butter the bead, butter the muffin, butter the potato, buttering the corn, buttering the muffin, butthole raper, butthole surfing, butting the bead, buttplay, Cadburys canal cruiser, calling all cum, calling down for more mayo, candlesticking, caning the vandal, capturing the bishop, caressing the kitty, carrying weight, catching a case of whackinitis, celebrating Palm Sunday, charm the cobra, charming the snake, cheat the meat, checking the status of the I/O port, cheeks-spreader, chicken butcher, chicken-grabbing, Chinese Love Beads, chipping wood, chocolate cha cha, chocolate chimney sweep, chocolate starfish collector, chocolate wings, choke hold, choke the chook, choke the gopher, choking Charlie 'till he throws up, choking Kojak, choking the bald guy until he pukes, choking the chipmunk, choking the sheriff and waiting for the posse to come, chutneylingus, circling the knoll, clam bake for one, clamming the engram, cleaning my fur coat, cleaning the fish, cleaning the rifle, cleaning the storm-drains, climbing Mount Baldy, climbing the tree, clit bliss, clit fix, clit twit, clobbering the kleenex, closet frisbee, closing the deal, clubbing eddy, clubbing the clam, coating prince william sound with love oil, cock the cannon, coco-shunter, code brown, coitus analis, coitus in ano, coitus in the anus, coitus sodomus, colon-bowler, colonel sanders heimleich maneuver, coming to grips with yourself, conking the cardinal, consult Dr. Jerkoff, converse with Harry Palm, cook cucumbers, cook the clam, cook your nookie, cooking the cream of cock, corephallia, corephallism, corralling the tadpoles, couch hockey for one, countering cunts, cracking nuts, cracking the bat, cranking the corona, craphole fuck, creaming the cheese, creaming the pie, creaming the twinkie, create an arch, crime of self-pollution, crimping the wire, critter cramming, crossing the great divide, crossing the swamp, crown the king, cruising the Hershey highway, cuddling the kielbasa, culture the American Blood Sausage, cum the scum, Custer's last stand, dactylate, damming the beaver, dance with Johnnie One-eye, date Miss Michigan, dating Manuella, dating the Palm sisters, dating Thumbalina and her four sisters, decongesting the weasel, defrosting the fridge, delivering to dirtbox drive, dialing the pink phone, dialing the rotary phone, dickless dildo dance, diddling Miss Daisy, diddling the dinky, digging for change, digging for clams, digging for your keys, digit disco, digital manipulation of the coital apparatus, digital special effects, digitally oscillating the penis, digitizing, dildo doodling, dinging the dong, dinky the slinky, dinner mashing, dip in the fudge pot, dirt pipe rider, dirt roading, disciplining the primate, disseminating, dive into the sky, diving in the sky, do a one-finger exercise, do it the Greek way, do the Han Solo, docking in shuttle bay 5, doddle whacking, doing battle with the purple helmeted warrior of love, doing handiwork, doing hard time in the hand slammer, doing it your way, doing laps, doing one's nails, doing something for my chapped lips, doing the hand jive, doing the janitor thing, doing the pork sword jiggle, doing the solitary rhumba, doing the Two Finger Slot Rumba, doing the white knuckler, dong flogging, dousing the digits, downing at the club (for members only), draining the monster, draining the poisons from the building, drilling for marmite, drilling for oil in your own backyard, driving the skin bus, drooling, dropping a line, dropping stomach pancakes, drown the man in the boat, dry humping the ottoman, dundering the devil, dusting the endtable, dusting the old trophy, educating Peter, electing the president, encapsulate your probe, engaging in internal revenue service, enjoying a little southern comfort, enjoying yourself, entering no man's land, entering the ring of fire, erase the problem, erasing the problem, erupting the volcano, erupting Vesuvius, escorting the one-eyed postal worker out of its denim cell, evicting the testicular squatters, excercise your rights, experiencing men-o-paws, exploring Carlsbad Caverns, exploring the deep South, express a secret vice, eye doctor, fanning the fur, fanning the furnace, fanny fumbling, faxing Jimmy Dean, faxing the pope, feed the spunk-o-meter, feeding the chooks, feeding your trouser-mouse, feel in one's pocket for one's big hairy rocket, female finger fun, fiddle the bean, fiddle with oneself, fidget the midget, file in the wrong box, file the fun-rod, filling up the belly button well, finger blasting, finger dancing, finger flick, finger fun, finger painting, fingerbating, fingering the fountain, fingering the skin harp, fire the wobbly warhead, firing off a round, firing the flesh musket, firing the surgeon general, firm the worm, fishing for brown trout, fishing for trouser trout, fishing for zipper trout, fist flick, fist kebabing 101, fist of fury, fistula in ano, five against Willy, five finger boogie on the blue vein, five finger discount, five finger exercise(s), five finger knuckle shuffle, five finger lingo, five fingers against one penis, five knuckle olympics, five on one, five-finger solo, five-knuckle-shuffle (on the old piss pump), flapping takkie, flaying the emperor, flick the BIC, flipping the bishop, flipping through the pages, flog it, flog the infidel, flogging the frog, flogging the hog, flogging the mule, flogging the poodle, flogging the salami, flogging your dumber brother, flogging your pride, flossing the cat, flub the dub, fluff the duff, flute solo, fly automatic, fly fishing, flying on automatic, flying solo, fondling the fig, force-fuck, forced Greek, four-lip whistling, freeing Willy, fret the fiddle-strings, frigging the love muscle, frosting the pastries, fuck buttock, fuck in the ass, fuck in the brown, fuck palmala, fucking without complications, fudge packing, funk-a-thon, furry finger fuck, furry fun, fuzzy fun, gagging the clam, gagging the lips of love, gallop the goose, gallop the maggot, gallop the old lizard, galloping the lizard, genital pollution, genital sensate focussing, genital stimulation via phalangetic motion, genitalic stimulation via phallengetic motion, genupectoral, get a date with Slick Mittens, get some brown (sugar), get some mud for the duck, get some round eye, getting a date with slick mittens, getting a grip on things, getting a hold of yourself, getting a little off-hand, getting a stain out of my carpet, getting chafed, getting gnarly with the knudster, getting in touch with your manhood, getting in touch with yourself, getting stripped of your grammy, getting the german soldier marching, getting the glue stick, getting to know yourself, getting to know yourself personally in the biblical sense, getting your caps peeled, getting your end away, getting your palm read, getting your palm read by Mister Softee, getting your pole varnished, gherkin-jerking, gilding the lily, giver, giving the general a five-finger salute, giving yourself the finger, giving Yul Brenner the high-five, glazing the knuckle, gluing the lady's eye shut, go a couple rounds with the champ(ion), go back to the wig-wam and beat the tom-tom, go up the dirt road, going a couple of rounds with Ol' Josh, going down the dirt road, going down the Hershey highway, going eye to eye with Johnny Hung, going mining, going on a date with Handrea, going on a date with Palmela, going on a date with Rosey Palm and the five daughters, going on Peewee's little adventure, going on the blow, going on the dole, going out with Mother Thumb and her four daughters, going up the ass, going up the chute, going up the dirt road, going up the Hershey Bar road, going up the mustard road, going up the old dirt road, going with Ms. Thumb & her four daughters, golden screw, Gr, grappling the gorilla, greasing the flagpole, greasing the pipe, greasing the skillet, greasing your bone, greasing your hips, great sin of youth, Greek art(s), Greek culture(s), Greek fashion, Greek side, Greek style, Greek trade, Greek way, Greekling, grinding the goo shooter, grip the gorilla, grip the tip, gripping Flipper, gripping the pencil, groping the grotto, growing hair on the palms, gushing the geyser, gusset typing, gut reaming, gut-stuffer, hack the hog, hack the mack, ham shank, ham-boning, Han Solo, hand fuck, hand gallop, hand game, hand labor, hand solo, hand to gland combat, hand work, handful of pleasure, a, handling the hard on, hands on training, handy work, hanging five, hanging the old man, hard labor, harp playing, have a bit of navy cake, have a date with a handkerchief, having a ball, having a conversation with the one-eyed trouser snake, having a date with Fisty Palmer, having a five-knuckle-shuffle, having a ham shank, having a one-night-stand with yourself, having a roy, having a sherman, having a tug-of-war with the cyclops, having a whack attack, having an arm-wrestle with your one-eyed vessel, having one off the wrist, having some clam dip, hee-haw with the wrinkled mee-maw, helping the python shed its skin, herkin' the gherkin, hiking the Grand Canyon, Hindustani jig, hip-hitter, hit on Rosy Palm, hitchhiker on the Hershey Highway, hitchhiking south, hitchhiking underneath the big top, holding my own, holding on to a family heirloom, holding the sausage hostage, holding your sausage hostage, honking Bobo, hoodwink, hot cross bun, hot dogging, hotdog-a-rama, housebreaking the cat, hula-hooping, humper and a pumper, a, humping air, humping the hose, hurting Burt until he squirts, ice-cube sandwich, ignite the lightsaber, in the brown, in the hand cream, informal values, installing a burglar alarm, intercourse per anum, invader of hinterland, invading Poland, invoking Venus, Irish promotion, Irish way, Irish wedding, ironing some wrinkles, Italian culture, Italian fashion, Italian way, itching the ditch, J/O scene, jack hammering, jacking, jacking off, jam the joystick, jerk job, jerk the gherkin, jerking jamby, jerking the gherkin, jerking the merkin, jerking the noodle, jerking the turkey, jerking the wheel, jiggling the dice, jiggling your cockanballs, jimmying the joey, jiring one's wad, jizzlobbing, Jocelyn Eldering, juggling the coullions, keep a date with bobby palm and his five brother, keester-bandit, keester-stab, keister-bandit, keister-stab, kicking seamen, kicking the back door in, killing 45 seconds, killing it, killing off, kissing down under, kissing the star of love, kneading the knockwurst, knight of the golden grummet, knuckle shuffle, knuckling the bone, KS, KY queen, lady fingers and cream, launching a class probe, launching the hand shuttle, launching the head of a world-cup golfer, launching the tadpoles, leaking the main drain, let's play 52 pick-up, levy break limbo, lightening the load, lighting the candle, lighting the pipe, lip smacking, little pinky hit the slinky, little southern romance, loading the cannon, lonely art, loob the goob, looking for ticks, looking for uboats, love's labors lost, loving the muppet, loving thy self, lubing the tube, maintaining a holding pattern, make fist-kabobs, make love with Mother Thumb and her four daughters, make love with Rosy Palm and her five sisters, make silly with the Willy, make the tide come in, making a finger sandwich, making a foreskin cone, making a six-fist, making duck butter, making five fingers, making friends with Big Ed, making instant pudding, making love with Miss Right, making nut butter, making oyster soup, making soup, making the kitty purr, making the oysters smile, making the scene with the magazine, making vanilla jism shakes, making yogurt, making yourself at home, mamacita, man overboard, mangling the midget, manipulating the mango, manning the cannon, manning the cockpit, manual job, manual labor, manual override, manually-assisted wet dream, manustupration, masonic secret self handshake, massage the fireman's neck, massage the one-eyed monk, massage your muscle, massage your purple-headed warrior, master bacon, maximize your potency, measuring for condoms, meet Mrs. Palmer and her five daughters, meet your right-hand man, meeting Mary Palm and her five sisters, meeting Rosie Hancock, meeting with Mother Thumb and her four daughters, menage a un, merry widow waltz, milk the chicken, milk the lizard, milk the maggot, milking the bull, milking the cow, milking the moose, milking the musket, milking the weasel, milkywaying, minding my own business, mistressbate, mix your peanut butter, molesting the mole, monkey-slapping, monkey-spanking, moon shot, moving into a one-bedroom apartment, moving the stone, much goo about nothing, muff ruffing, muffing buffing, mule breeding, murder the Bishop, mustache ride, My sex life!, navel maneuvers, nerking the throbber, ninety-nine, non-orthogenic sex, non-penile pleasure pursuit, nulling the void, nuzzle the fuzz, oiling the glove, oiling the pogo stick, on the waterslide, Onan's Olympics, onanera, onania, one gun salute, one man show, one man tug-o-war, one off the wrist, one-eye target practice, one-legged race, one-stick drum improvisation, one-two, Oriental Love Beads, pack fudge, packaging the ol' sausage, packin' mud, packing the palm, paddling the peter, paddling the pickle, paddling the pink canoe, paddling the robin, paint the bucket, paint the ceiling, painting the pickle, painting the walls, Palmala Handerson, palming the calm, Palmolive finger dip, pampering the pussy, part cheeks, part someone's cheeks, parting the petals, parting the red sea, parting the waters, passing math, pause that refreshes, the, pearl fishing, pedicator, peeling some chilies, peeling the banana, peeling the carrot, peeling the chile, penoanal intercourse, performing a pearl jam, performing a self-test, performing an organ solo, performing diagnostics on your mantool, performing for Mr. Swaggart, perling the oyster, petal pushing, petting kitty, petting Snoopy, petting the bunny, petting the kitty, petting the lizard, petting the pussy, petting the snake, petting the Wookie, petting your dog, phoning the czar, piddle the pud, pig sticking, pink piston practice, pipping the pumpkin, pitch a knuckle ball, pitching in the bush leagues, play a flute solo on one's meat whistle, play dump truck, play leapfrog, playing a bass solo, playing a little five-on-one, playing a little game of five on one, playing a one-stringed guitar, playing a solo on the meat whistle, playing in a one-man show, playing peek-a-boo (with Mr. Johnson), playing piano, playing pocket pinball, playing soapy Peter, playing tag with the pink torpedo, playing the beaver, playing the fiddle, playing the flesh flute, playing the flesh trombone, playing the hairy banjo, playing the man-flute, playing the one-stringed melody, playing the pink oboe, playing the silent trombone, playing the skin flute, playing the slots, playing tug-o-war with the cyclops, playing uno, playing with dick, playing with it, playing with Susi Palmer and her five friends, playing with the man in the boat, playing with the pineapple, playing with the pink Power Ranger, playing with the spitting llama, playing with the turtle, playing with your 6th finger, playing with your big Alien, playing Yahtzee, pleasing the pisser, plucking the chicken, plumbing the bottomless pit of passion, plunking the twanger, point one's social finger, poking the pie, poking the pucker, polish the bayonet, polish the chrome dome, polish the horn, polish the log, polish the Oscar, polish the pole, polish the shooter, polish the viper, polishing Charlie Brown, polishing Percy in your palm, polishing the beak, polishing the family jewels, polishing the helmet, polishing the night stick, polishing the nugget, polishing the peanut, polishing the pearl, polishing the pud, polishing the rocket, polishing the silver, polishing the sword, polishing the wedding ring, pollute, poo jabbing, popping it in the toaster nut, popping the purple pimple, popping the zit, Portuguese pump, pot of brown, a, pound someone's ass, pound the ass, pound the butt, pound the cheeks, pounding off, pounding the bald-headed moose, pounding the flounder, pounding the pud, pounding the pudding, pow-wow with the one-eyed Redskin, practising, praising the orchid, pratt-hunter, pratt-man, preheating the oven, preparing the carrot, pressing the pleats, prime the pump, prime the womb cannon, priming the pump, prodding the half-cooked pastrami, producing whore moans, prompt the porpoise, prostate maintenance, prune, Prussian, pub the dub, pud wrestling, pud-pulling, pudwhacking, pull the duck's neck, pull the pin, pull the pope, pulling off, pulling on Peter, pulling the bologna pony, pulling the carrot, pulling the colonel sanders heimleich manuever, pulling the cord, pulling the five-knuckle shuffle, pulling the goalie, pulling the handbrake, pulling the mule, pulling the pole, pulling the pope, pulling the pud, pulling the putz, pulling the taffy, pulling the weed, pulling the wire, pulling your goalie, pulling your own leg, pulling your prick, pummel the love truncheon, pummeling the priest, pump the monkey, pump the python, pumping cream, pumping for pleasure, pumping for power, pumping the electric goo gun, pumping the gas at the self-service island, pumping the kooter, pumping the stump, punchin' the munchkin, punching the clown, punching the puppet, punish Percy in the palm, punish the Harlequin, punish the penguin, punishing the pope, pushing the button, pushing the daisy and make it cum, pussy poking, pussy soccer, qualifying in the testicular time trial, R2 your D2, raising the mainsail, raking the leaves, ram job, ram the dam, rapid one arm pull-ups, ravage the innocent, reading in Braille, reading poetry, rear specialist, reary, relaxation rubdown, relief massage, relieving tension, returning to sender, ride sidesaddle, ride the curl, ride the great white knuckler, ride the tubespout, ride the tubsput, ride up the dirt road, riding the clitoris-saurus, riding the great white knuckler, riding the unicycle, riding the waterslide, riding the wild hand, ring around the rosey, ring for the maid, ringing for the elevator, ringing southern bells, roasting chestnuts, rocking the little man in the boat, rocky roading, rod-walloping, rolling the dough, rolling the fleshy blunt, rolling the mink, rolling your own, Roman engagement, Roman helmet rumba, romancing Lady Five Fingers, romancing the rose, romancing thy own, Romeo and himself, roping the long horn, roping the pony, roping the pope, roughing up the suspect, row the little man in the boat, RR 3, rub your cooze 'til you ooze, rubbin nubbin, rubbing one out, rubbing the donut, rubbing the love nubbin, rubbing the magic one-eyed wonder weasel, rubbing the nub, rubbing the nubbin, rubbing the pink eraser, rubbing the red pussycat, rubbing the rod, rump-ranger, rumpy, run one's hand up the flagpole, running off a batch by hand, running Peter through two-a-days, running the 100-yard dash, running the cheeta, running the whack-a-thon, Rural Route 3, sacrificing sperm to the god of lonely nights, saddle it, sail into the wind, sailors' joy, sanding the banister, sanding wood, schnauzer shuffleboard, schplitzing the schmeckel, scoring the hoop, scouring the tower of power, scraping the horn, scratch the crack, scratch the patch, scratch the snatch, scratching the itch, scratching the snatch patch, screw some ass, scrub the cake pan, scuff the muff, scuffing the muff, se branler, se crosser, se faire les cinq doigts de la main, se passer un poignet, search for Spock, secret handshake, secret indulgence, secret selfish sin, see if the baby's home, see Madam(e) Thumb and her four daughters, self-induced penile regurgitation, self-inflicted intercourse, self-manipulation, self-relief, self-service, serta solo, setting off a depth charge, setting the oysters, sexual analism, shaft in the bum, shake it up, shaking hands with Abraham Lincoln, shaking hands with Jack Mcnasty, shaking hands with Little Elvis, shaking hands with Mr. Happy, shaking hands with Mr. President, shaking hands with Shorty, shaking hands with the General, shaking hands with the guy that stood up when I got married, shaking hands with the midget, shaking hands with the unemployed, shaking hands with the wife's best friend, shaking hands with your John Thomas, shaking hands with Yul Brenner, shaking the bottle, shaking the dice, shaking the hand of the self-employed, shaking the hand of the unemployed, shaking the sauce, shaking the sausage, shaking the snake, shaking your (own) maracas, shaking your fist at the sky, shaking your hand at the sky, shanking, shellacking the shellaleigh, shelling the bean, shemping the hog, shifting gears, shifting into first gear, shine the pole, shining the helmet, shining the pole, shining the pork sword, shit stabbing, shit stirrer, shit the plug, shoot at the back door, shoot in the back, shoot in the brown, shoot the plug, shoot the star, shoot up the straight, shooting (off) the muck, shooting flies, shooting for the moon, shooting hoops, shooting putty at the moon, shooting tadpoles at the moon, shooting the rapids, shortcake, shot at the back door, a, shuck the corn, shuffle the deck, shuffling the Kit-Kat, shuntyard captain, Siamese Strings, Sin of Sodom, single dingles, sink the brown, sitting on it, skimming the cream, slaking the bacon, slamming the ham, slamming the hammer, slamming the salami, slamming the salmon, slamming the spam, slap the hammer, slap the little head, slap the wapper, slapping high fives with Yul Brynner, slapping it, slapping pappy, slapping the big-nosed rasta man, slapping the Cap'n, slapping the carrot, slapping the clown, slapping the donkey, slapping the fleshgopher, slapping the mackerel, slapping the pud, slapping the purple headed yogurt pistol, slapping the salami, slate bowl, slate plate, slaying the one-eyed monster, slick and slim up the old dusty road, sling one's jelly, sling one's juice, slinging the jelly, slipping yourself a mickey, slog the log, slopping the hogs, sloppy sign language, smacking the clam, smacking the oompa loompa, smacking the salami, smacking the sausage, smacking the weasel, smacking your sister, smacking-off, smoking hooch with reagan, snap the rubber, snapping one off, snapping the carrot, snapping the monkey, snapping the rubber, snapping the twig, snapping the whip, snatching, snuggle the nozzle, soaking in Palmolive, soaking the whisker biscuit, sodomant, sodomante, sodomee, sodomize, soldier's joy, solitary evil, solitary sex, solo sex, sotadism, soup, southern comfort, southern massage, southern pleasures, southern romance, southern seduction, spank the bishop, spank the carrot, spank the hangdown, spank the little boy, spank the wank, spank the wife's best friend, spanking cheetah, spanking Elvis, spanking the bishop, spanking the frank, spanking the salami, spear chucking, spelunking, spit-polishing the purple helmet, split some buns, split someone's buns, spraying the spectators, spread one's ass, spread one's cheeks, spreading the petals, spunk the monk, spunking, squeezing the creamy filter, squeezing the juice, squeezing the lemon, squeezing the squid, squeezing the weasel, squirt-n-spurt, stacking the deck, staff meeting, stern approach, stern chaser, stiffening the upper lip, stir a little fudge, stir chocolate, stir fudge, stir shit, stir someone's chocolate, stir someone's fudge, stir someone's shit, stir the yogurt, stirring it up, stirring the batter, stirring the yogurt, stoking the furnace, stovepipe, straddle the paddle, strain the main vein, straining the spaghetti, strangle Kojak, strangle the dangle, strangle the stogie, strangle Yoda, strangling the serpent, stretch some jeans, stretching the muscle, strike the pink match, String of Pearls, stroke the purple-nosed gusset ferret, stroke the Wookie, stroke your ego, strokem your scrotum, stroking it, stroking off, stroking the dog, stroking the lizard, stroking the loaf, stroking the mole, stroking the one-eyed burping gecko, stroking the poker, stroking the satin-headed serpent, stroking the schlong, stroking the scoobie, stroking the snail, stroking the squirmin' german, stroking the twinkie, stroking the wiener, stropping the beak, stropping the mulligan, strum the ol' banjo, strumming, strumming the Big Open, stuff the taco, stuffer, stump-jump, summon the genie, summoning the semen demon, surf the wet, surfing at finger beach, surfing on the Milky Highway, surfing the channel, sushi party, swat the twat, sweet slide, the, taffy-pulling contest, tail-job, take a load off your mind, take a ride on the mean spanking machine, take a turn in the barrel, take Captain Picard to warp speed, take it, take it up the ass, take ol' stiff neck to the movies, take the Hershey highway, taking a dip, taking a nap, taking a shake break, taking a trip south, taking Herman to the circus, taking matters into one's own hands, taking ol' one eye through the fly, taking old one-eye to the optometrist, taking some time off, taking the Jocelyn Elders midterm, taking the monster for a one-armed ride, taking the old skin boat to tuna town, talking quietly to yourself, taming goliath, taming the animal, taming the shrew, tampered with, tango con mano, tar brush, taunting the one-eyed weasel, teach our children to fly, teach your dog to spit, teasing the kitty, teasing the taco, teasing the tuna, teasing the weasel, teasing the weenie, tenderizing the meat, tenderizing the tube steak, test the flashlight, testicular tensile strength test, testing the batteries, testing the plumbing, testing the testicles, that crazy hand jive, thelysodomy, third way, thrapping, three-way girl, throw a buttonhole on, thump the pump, thump the pumper, tickle the ditty, tickle the mustache, tickle the pickle, tickle the taco, tickle torture, tickling the little man in the boat, tickling the one-eyed weasel, tickling the pickle, tiptoe through the twolips, toggling the bit, tom fucker, tongue the tan crack, tongue the tan track, tonguing the hole, tonguing the tan crack, tonguing the tan track, toot the flute, tooting the horn, torking the fork, torking the power rod, torment the trouser trout, torquing the taliwacker, torquing the wrench, torturing the tentacle, toss a salad, toss the boss, tossing off, tossing pink salad, tossing the caber, tossing the ham javelin, tossing the pink salad, tossing the salad, tossing the snag, tossing the turkey, tossing yogurt, touch typing, touching up, train the love porpoise, traveling past the mason-dixon line, treating yourself right, trip to the moon, trolling for flames, trolling the bermuda triangle, trouser olympics, trouser snake CPR, trying to make One-Eyed Willy puke, TT, tugging the slug, tugging the tapioca tube, tuning the fork, tuning the horn, Turkish culture, Turkish delight, turn over, turning japanese, turning on, tuning in and dropping out, turnover, tusk, TV style, twatty wank, tweak the twig, tweak the twinkie, tweaking the little man in the boat, tweaking the twinkie, twirl the squirrel, twist the turnip, twisting the crank, twisting the piston, twisting the tool, twit the clit, two finger taco tango, two fingered tango, unbrownable, Uncle Frank, unclogging the drain, unclogging the sink, unleash the fury, unloading passengers from the five-car train, unloading the gun, unnatural connection, unnatural debauchery, unnatural sexual intercourse, unsheathing the pork sword, up the bosco boulevard, up the brown, up the chocolate highway, up the dirt road, up the mustard road, up the old dirt road, up the shitter, up the ying-yang, uphill gardener, uprooting the big mushroom, using the force on Darth Vader, uts, varnishing the flagpole, vice allemand, vice of self-defilement, violating the hedge-hog, virgin queen, Virginia, visit Father Fingers, visit Mary Thumb and her four daughters, visit Rosy Palm and her five daughters, visiting Merry Palmer, visiting Niagra Falls, visiting the notary public, visiting the safety deposit box, wacking off, wacking the one-eyed worm, wacking the weasel, wacking the willie, wacking Wee Willie Wonka, wake the butterfly, walk the dog, walk through the valley of love, walking old one-eye, walking the dog, walking the plank, walking the snake, walking Willie the one eyed wonder worm, wall job, waltz with Willy, wank the crank, wanker the anchor, wanking one-eyed Willy, wanking the one-eyed wonder worm, wanking the scube, wanking with the one-eyed wonder weasel, wapping your weenie, warming up the altar boys' dinner, wash the cosh, wash your fingers, washing the fingers, washing the goose's neck, washing the hog, washing the lighthouse, washing the meat, watching the butterfly smile, wave the wand, wax the Buick, wax the carrot, wax the dolphin, wax the womb-broom, waxing the car, waxing the carrot, waxing the surfboard, waxing the t-bird, wearing a fat guys slacks, whack little Mac, whacking off, whacking the weasel, whacking Wee Willie Winkie, whacking willy, whank off, wheelman, whiffing an easy fairway shot, whip the cat, whip the devil, whip the dripper, whip the dummy, whip the weenie, whip the wire, whip the worm, whipping dripping, whipping the bishop, whipping the cat, whipping the dripper, whipping the dummy, whipping the nest, whipping the one-eyed trouser snake, whipping the stiff, whipping the weasel, whipping the wire, whipping up some sour cream, whipping Willy the one-eyed wonder-worm, whipping your Willy, white water wristing, whittle the wood, whittling Dixie, whittling the stick, whiz the jizzum, whizzing jism, whizzing the jism, wiggling the worm, wild ride, the, Willie and the hand jive, winding the jack in the box, winding the Wurlitzer, windsurf on Mount Baldy, womanipulation, wonk the conker, wonk your conker, wonking the conker, wonking the donk, workin' the jerkin, working in the garden, working off, working off a batch, working out a stiff joint, working your willy, worship at the back altar, worshiping the finger prince, worshiping the finger princess, worshiping the fist prince, worshiping the white god of seed, wrestle the bald-headed champion, wrestle the cyclops, wrestling the bald(-headed) champion, wrestling the cyclops, wrestling the eel, wrestling the one-eyed monster, wrestling the purple headed warrior, wrestling with the blue-veined custard chucker, wriggle, wringing (it), wringing out the rope, wringing the cheesy bell, wrist aerobics, wrist job, wristing, yank the crank, yank the doodle, yank the dork, yank the plank, yank the shlong, yank the strap, yank the wang, yank the yak, yank the yam, yank the Yoda, Yankee your Wankee, yanking, yanking the crank, yanking the plank, yanking the yoyo, yawning, yucking your choad, zorber, zorbered

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