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Masturbation. See masturbation for synonyms.
See Also: aberration, abortion law, adamite, agapemone, allantotrioism, alternative lifestyle, alternative lovestyle, amatripsis, ampailang, ampallang, anal-sadistic, androidism, anilingus, animalist, anorast, anthropophagy, asphyxiaphile, asphyxiator, ass-fuck, asshole bandit, auto-fisting, badger game, bag-piper, bayadere, be your own best friend, beastialist, bestialist, birdcage cleaner, bondage queen, bootlicking, bottom-sucker, branding, bronco, buggery, bum sucker, bundler, bustle pinching, butter, bake and baste, butthole surfing, candle wax torture, carezza, carnalism, casigamy marriage, cheek kiss, coitophthoria, coitus saxonicus, come-freak, come-queen, cop and blow, corn-hole, cornhole, cornholing, cottaging, cuckoldry, cultures, cum-freak, cunniknismos, diasteunia, dogging, Dorian love, Doric love, eat poundcake, erotopathic, felch queen, fetishistic cross-dressing, flirtation, free lover, French stuff, Freudian, frictation, genitomorphism, gobbler, going blind, great lover, group masturbation, gut reaming, hatch, hatchway, hot wax, husband's supper, infibulation, jack off party, jump off/out at..., karezza, kitchen cleaner, kitchen queen, lamma hutching, lickety-split, lip-sucking kiss, look in the mirror, manual labor, manual pollution, manustupration, masturbatory orgy, monogamy, panderage, pandering, panderism, plastercasters, platonism, polygamy, practicing one's mantra, proxenetism, pull out, rheomism, rimming, rub bellies, sadism, screw some ass, scrotilinctus, scrotilingus, see company, sexual revolution, shiksa, shove the tongue, shunamitism, sin of impurity, SM dyke, snowballing, sodomite, switch, syntribadism, take a trip to the moon, three-bee, typhlobasia, unnatural act, unnatural sex, unnatural sin, vaginal urination, vanilla sex, varietist, Watering the Oak Tree, wax, wax torture, way, whoremongery, wife-swapper, wife-swapping, window-tappery, worship at the back altar, yellow-stream queer

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