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baby fat:

Jocular term for semen and other fluids ejaculated at orgasm . See semen for synonyms.
See Also: abnormal presentation, adult baby, anti-bod, babette, baby blues, baby buggy, baby bust, baby buster, baby child, baby motel, baby-faced, babyolatry, bacon fed, beached whale, bear lover, bib, bikini whale, blimp, blob, blubber-belly, boogie lips, bremelo, BUF(F), buster, cacomorphobia, cradle-custard, cradle-robber, cradle-snatcher, daddy-type, diaphanophilia, didie, fat-ass, flab, fussock, gaybee boom, generously proportioned, horizontally challenged, HWP, infantilism, intergenerational relationship, jazzy jane, loaf, mature figure, melting moments, minga, one-way, pigger, pigmouth, pills, portly, Queen Mary, rotund, semi-diesel, shuttle-butt, spare tyre, squealer, steatopygia, Stumpy, swiftie, teat, trapper, tubby, tuck, tummy tuck, Venus with a penis, woman of size, wuf, Yasser

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