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baby doll:

Or: babydoll :

1. Cute baby boy or girl .

2. An infantilising term of endearment for an adult female or, more rarely, a male.

3. A doll made to resemble a human baby .

4. A short, hip-length nightdress, usually transparent , decorated with ruffles, ribbons, or lace , and worn with matching bikini panty . Synonym: nighty .

Quote: Molly Thatcher (Lee Remick) to her roommate in The Wheeler Dealers (1963) when planning her revenge on poor Henry (James Garner): 'Give me that shorty nighty .'

See Also: abnormal presentation, babette, baby buster, baby child, baby doll, baby motel, baby-faced, babyolatry, Barbie, bib, cradle-custard, dame de voyage, diaphanophilia, didie, doll, dolled up, dolly spit, fornicatory doll, gaybee boom, infantilism, nightie, nighty, one-way, pediophobia, puppetophilia, squealer, swiftie, Venus with a penis

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