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blow hole:

1. A hole pierced in the partition separating two bathroom stalls in a mens room for use by gay males to perform anonymous fellatio .

2. Or: blowhole , the anus , in reference to its flatulency. Usage in this sense dates back to the 1940s. See anus for synonyms.

See Also: A-hole, arsehole, B.J., BJ, BJLs, BJM, BLJ, blow, blowing, blowing chunks, butthole, by-chop, by-scape, by-slip, comprehensive physician, external urinary meatus, eye-hole, fuckhole, geegee (hole), gigi (hole), hole, holy-of-holies, meatus, meatus urinarius, mouth, north pole, piss hole, urethral meatus, urethral opening, urethral orifice, vomit

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