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Pertaining to the body. Synonym: corporeal .
See Also: acceptive phase, calls of nature, carnal, control scene, corporeal, easy lay, fleshly, Georgia Home Boy, GHB, give juice for jelly, Great Hormones at Bed Time, Grievous Bodily Harm, hypothalamus, jelly, juice for jelly, Liquid Ecstasy, Liquid Sex, Liquid Soap, map of England, map of Ireland, plate, plate of ham, rape drugs, scoop, shoot between wind and water, viral hepatitis

Quotes Containing bodily:
Sacha, a radio sexpert , to a caller who swallowed semen and could feel them ''moving around in there'' in the 1999 movie Urban Legend: ''Ingestion of bodily fluids is a major safe-sex no-no. My suggestion is: take a spoonfull of Pepto and next time get away from the volcano before it erupts.''

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