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boy honey:

Jocular term for semen and other fluids ejaculated at orgasm . See semen for synonyms.
See Also: b-boy, B-G, baby child, babyology, battyman, bed partner, bee-hive, beehive, benny house, big game, boy, boy brothel, brand name, bwoy, calf love, candy-leg, cherry top, chicken-meter, chicken-with-a-basket, cream of the crop, debag, doughed-up darling, drooly, fag factory, flower house, GB, generous keeper, girl-crazy, gold mine, he-whore, hive, Hollywood hustler, honey, honey pot, honey-do, honeypot, honeysuckle vine, husband for a weekend, Jack ass, lily of the valley, little shaver, love nuts, nan-boy, nancy boy, pasture woman, pay papa, pederast, pee-pee lover, petticoat discipline, pinup boy, prick peddler, Professional queer, pursonality papa, puto, rent boy, renter, rig a jig, saveloy, sport goods, sporting goods, street hustler, street mechanic, street-meat, sugar bowl, sugar daddy, sugar papa, swoony, T boy, T man, touche pipi, trabajado trader, trader dick, tweeny, twig and berries, twilight lads, twilight men, Venus with a penis, wankmonger, winnie, yob

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