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boy marriage:

In anthropology, a temporary marriage between an adolescent male of 12 to 18 years of age and an adult male. Pederastic marriages have been reported in the Egyptian oasis of Siwa early in this century and among the Australian Nambutji, where young men become the boy-wife of the man who performed their circumcision and subincision during initiation.
See Also: a vinculo matrimonii, absolute divorce, accept a proposal, adelphogamy, agaptism, altar it, anisogamia, aspro, asspro, b-boy, B-G, baby child, baby in the boat, babyology, bald man in a boat, banns, bans, battyman, become houseproud, become man and wife, bed partner, benny house, berdache, bestow one's hand, bone of one's bone and flesh of one's flesh, boy, boy brothel, boy marriage, boys, break one's elbow at the church, bride and groom it, bust up, bwoy, calf love, cash and carried, casigamy marriage, cherry top, chicken-meter, chicken-with-a-basket, chuppah, City-Halled, closed marriage, cluster marriage, co husband, co wife, commit merger, commitment ceremony, connubium, country marriage, cream of the crop, cut and carried, debag, do the altar thing, do the Mendelssohn March, dot and carried, dotal, double act, drooly, espoused, extramarital, fag factory, feather one's bed, fire the question, flower house, free loving, free lovism, gametophobia, gamophobia, GB, get altared, get bundled, get cemented, get churched, get exclusive rights to, get hitched, get hooked, get in double harness, get it sealed, get papers, get parsoned, get settled, get welded, girl-crazy, give oneself in marriage, give up one's freedom, go domestic, go over the deep end, gone and done it, gotten hitched, groom it, hang up one's hat, have it tied, have the knot knotted, he-whore, hit-and-run marriage, hitch, hitch horses, Hollywood hustler, holy bed and board, holy bedlock, holy knot, the, home wrecker, homosocial, honeysuckle vine, hooked, huppah, husband for a weekend, hymenal, hyphenate, hypogamy, intermarriage, Jack ass, January and May marriage, join hands with, join the household brigade, joined in holy matrimony, joy boy, jump the besom, knot that binds, the, life contract, lily of the valley, little shaver, live together, living in sin, long-term relationship, love match, made man and wife, made one, make it legal, make marry, make the legal move, marriage in name only, married, married but not churched, married country style, married on the carpet and the banns up the chimney, marry oneself to, marry-making, matched, mated, misogamist, misogamy, Miss Nancy, more or less married, Mr. and Mrs. it, nan-boy, nancy boy, new celibacy, open marriage, paederast, paederasty, paired, party boy, pasture woman, pederast, pederastic marriage, pederasty, pee-pee lover, petticoat discipline, pinup boy, plight one's troth, pop the question, prick peddler, Professional queer, propose, proposish, put on the (old) noose, put on the ball and chain, put on the double act, puto, quit the single state, renounce bachelorhood, rent boy, renter, save oneself for marriage, saveloy, say I do, settle down, seven year itch, shotgun marriage, shotgun wedding, sport goods, sporting goods, starter marriage, street hustler, street mechanic, street-meat, swoony, T boy, T man, take the fatal jump, take the fatal leap, take the fatal step, take the final step, take the high dive, take the plunge, take the vows, tie that binds, the, tie the knot (that binds), tie up with, tied the knot, touche pipi, trabajado trader, trader dick, troth, trousseau, tweeny, twig and berries, twilight lads, twilight men, united, united in holy bedlock, Venus with a penis, virgin queen, walk down the aisle, walk down the middle aisle, walk the middle aisle, wankmonger, wedded, whiff of lavender, without benefit of who cares, yob, yoked

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