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cave man:

Or: caveman , a noun and adjective for:

1. An aggressively masculine man or one blatantly virile .

2. A man coarse, rude or crude of manner, especially toward women.

3. One who is sexually rough or masterful; a primal primate, but cute .


(1) Robert Marvin (Robert Young) to Elsa Carrington (Madeleine Carroll) in Secret Agent (1936): ' Look at what you're passing up , a caveman with a college education .'

(2) Peaches O'Day (Mae West) puns the expression when referring to a man who 'craved her kisses, her love ...' in Every Day's a Holiday (1937): ' Ah, a crave man .'

See Also: broom in a cave, cave, Cupid, Cyprian, geography, joygasm, Polyphemus, Venus

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