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chug nuts:

Or: chugnuts , British slangonym for bits of dried feces sticking to anal hairs.
Synonyms: bum-crumbs ; bumtags ; chug nuts ; clagnuts ; clinkers ; coco-pops ; cranberries ; dags ; dangleberries ; dingleberries ; fartleberries ; kling-ons ; tagnuts ; toffee-strings ; wilnuts ; winnets ; wuffle-nuts .
See Also: bum crumbs, bumtags, bust one's gut, chug nuts, clagnuts, coco-pops, cranberries, dags, dangleberries, de-ball, dilberries, dillberries, dingleberries, fartleberries, hot rocks, kling-ons, nutcrackers, toffee strings, utsnay, wilnots, wilnuts, winnets, winnits, wuffle nuts

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