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cold meat:

1. A flaccid or impotent penis . See penis for synonyms.

2. A cold , unresponsive woman . Defined by Captain Francis Grose in Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue (1811): 'A dead wife is the best cold meat in a man's house .'

See Also: aching for a side of beef, baked alaska, baked ass, black meat, blind piece, carnophobia, cheimaphobia, cheimatophobia, Chilly, chunk of lead, Circe, cold, cold fish, cold heart, cold meat, cold sex, cryophobia, dark meat, dead beat of one's heart, dead down there, dead meat, dry hole, freezy, frigophobia, get some cock, hunk of frozen meat, ice queen, iceberg, icebox, icicle, icy, light meat, long tea, marble heart, meat, meat axe, meat cleaver, meat dagger, psychrolagnia, psychrophilia, slowie, take the meat out, whip whistle, white meat

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