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common-law spouse:

A person with whom someone has been living with for years without being married . See wife and husband for synonyms.
See Also: anisogamia, bach it, bed partner, bitter half, brevet-wife, caught in flagrante, chief cook and bottle washer, child pornography laws, chippy on, cluster marriage, cohabit, cohabitation, coitus maritus, comarital, comarital sex, consensual non-monogamy, country marriage, couple-to-couple, do one's office, double cross, double up on, double-clock, double-clocker, double-crosser, exercise one's marital rights, foot warmer, get one's bed, give up rhythm, holy bedlock, hot pudding for supper, husband, in-law, lawful wife, live together, living in sin, long-term relationship, love cheat, married but not churched, married country style, married on the carpet and the banns up the chimney, more or less married, novercaphobia, old and bitter, other half, polygamy, significant other, soceraphobia, step-out-oner, stepper-outer, stepping out on, take one's bed, two-timer, unholy wedlock, united in holy bedlock, unwritten law, without benefit of who cares, yard on

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