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couple friend:

In the 1960s, a person who went to bed with a straight or gay couple .
See Also: AFOAF, amicus, bach night, bachelor night, Batman and Robin, beat one's time, better fraction, Billy No Mates, bosom buddies, bosom buddy, bosom chums, boy, bro, buddy booths, cake boy, chappie, chum, chummer, closed door, closed swinging, cluster marriage, cocker, cohabitation, come together, coming together, companion, consensual non-monogamy, couple, couple friend, couple-to-couple, cpl, darling, diasteunia, DINKS, Dorothy's friend, double date, fam, friend has come, Friend of Dorothy, good buddy, hit skins, homegirl, homo-lover, just good friends, linguistic cross-dressing, long-haired chum, luvvy, married but not churched, newly-weds, palsies, palsy-walsy, philogynist, POSSLQ, pronoun reversal, pull a train, pulling the train, rent-a-body business, roll-dog, smudger, spoon fashion, swinging, switch club, synchronized love, three-dimensional romance, tisket a-tasket, true confession

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