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Or: diarrhoea , abnormally frequent evacuation of watery feces. Common causes include gastrointestinal distress or disorder, viral or bacterial infections, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), medicines, and malabsorption; it is also a common symptom for some types of flu, food poisoning, and may occur after eating spicy foods. Untreated, diarrhea may lead to dehydration. Humorously defined by Frederic Mullally in The Penthouse Sexicon (1968): ' A state of perpetual motion .'
Synonyms: Adriatic-tummy ; anal-fire-water ; arse-piss ; Aztec-hop ; Aztec-two-step ; back-door-trot(s) ; Basra-belly ; BDTs (b.d.t.); blaps ; blatts , Bombay-crud ; bum-gravy ; Cairo-crud ; crops spraying; digestive disorders; Delhi-belly ; gippy-tummy ; gutrot; gyppy-tummy ; Hong-Kong-dog ; IBS ; Irritable-Bowel-Syndrome ; Jim-Britts (Jimmy Britts); The Jimmys; Karachi-cork ; looseness-of-the-bowels ; Malta-dog ; Mexican-fox-trot ; Mexican-two-step ; Montezuma's revenge; ninny-tummy ; Rangoon-runs ; the runs; rusty-water ; scutter(s) ; the shits; sour-apple-quickstep ; Spanish-tummy ; spastic-colon ; the squirts ; the squitters ; stomach upset; Tijuana-cha-cha ; Tijuana-racetrack ; Tijuana-trots ; Tokyo-trots ; tom-tits ; torista(s) ; tourista ; a touch of the trays; travelers' diarrhea; the trots; tummy upset, Turkish-two-step .
See Also: Adriatic tummy, anal fire water, arse-piss, Aztec hop, Aztec two-step, back door trot(s), Basra belly, BDTs, blaps, blatts, Bombay crud, bum gravy, Cairo crud, crop spraying, Delhi belly, diarrhal, diarrhea, diarrhetic, gippy tummy, gyppy tummy, Hong Kong dog, IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Jim Britts, Jimmys, The, Karachi cork, looseness of the bowels, Malta dog, Mexican fox-trot, Mexican two-step, Montezumas revenge, ninny tummy, Rangoon runs, runs, the, rusty water, scutter(s), sour apple quickstep, Spanish tummy, spastic colon, squirts, squitters, Tijuana cha-cha, Tijuana racetrack, Tijuana trots, Tokyo trots, tom tits, torista(s), touch of the trays, a, tourista, trots, the, Turkish two-step

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