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dominant bitch:

A dominatrix ; a woman who assumes the dominant role in BDSM scenes; the female equivalent of dominant .
Synonyms: bitch-goddess ; corporalist ; discipliness ; domina ; dominant bitch ; dominatrix ; dominatrix-bitch ; domme ; female-dom ; female-dominant , female-dominator ; femdom ; femdomme ; femdom-goddess ; goddess ; headmistress; mastix; mistress ; mistresse; phallic woman ; taskmistress; top . Courtesy titles such as countess , domina ; marquesa , lady , mistress , mistresse, princess , and queen , are usually followed by a name. Examples: Mistress Pain; Countess Storm.
See Also: all butched up, beard, bearded lady, BF, biatch, bitch, bitch goddess, bitch's blind, bitch's Christmas, bitch-queen, bitches' blinds, bitches' Christmas, blindfolding, bluff, cock bite, cock of the walk, discipliness, dogess, dominant bitch, dominate, dominator, dominatrix, dominatrix bitch, domme, female dom, female dominant, female dominator, femdom, femdomme, five-letter woman, flinking, into domination, power exchange, proud, queen's Christmas, slavemaster, slaver, T & B, train

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