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down there:

Or: down-below , euphemistic reference to the region located below-the-navel ; the male and female genitals . See penis and vagina for synonyms.
See Also: abdominal cavity, abdominal hysterectomy, acrosome, Antipodes, arse from elbow down, arse over teakettle, arse over tit, arsey-versey, ass backwards, ass over head, assume the position, Australian sex, ayuga, bag-piper, baggage, ballum rancum, bauble, bawble, bed, bed down, bed down with, bed someone, bend over, bikini bar, black triangle, bobber, bondage table, bookends, Boston version, Botany Bay, bring down (by hand), buccal intercourse, buccal onanism, buddy-fuck, bum, butt-ugly, Cadbury alley, Cadbury avenue, Cadbury canal, capricious, chat up, Chill out!, chloroform, clappers, clitoral detumescence, cock-on, coitus in ore, coitus oralis, collar and cuff, concubine, cop a squat, County Down, crack run, cracking, crapper dick, crib, crib-house, cut the mustard, cylinder, debag, detumescence, detumescence of the clitoris, detumescence of the penis, dickey dido, diddle, digits, dirt, dive a muff, down, down below, down there, Downshire, drop anchor down the booby hutch, drop anchor in the bubby hutch, enjoy a stroll down (the) Cadbury alley, enjoy a stroll down (the) Cadbury avenue, enjoy a stroll down (the) Cadbury canal, eyes, fall for, finger, first base, flip the bird, frictation, fuck out, fucked by the fickle finger of fate, full-service, geography, get horizontal, get-down time, git-down time, give someone the bird, go down, go down on (someone), go down route sixty-nine, going down (like a submarine), gold-digging, grow on, hairy banana, hatch, hatchway, heavers, Hershey highway, high Greek, home base, home plate, home run, homophobia, horse and buggy fuggy, illyngophobia, incubus, inversion, inverted suspension, Irish toothache, jiggle, keep down the census, keep the census down, kip, kneel at the altar, KY jelly, labiate, leaping over the sword, lemons, low Greek, low heel(s), mouth love, mouth-genital sex, mouthlove, nailhead, oragenital sex, oral coitus, oral copulation, oral eroticism, oral genitalism, oral intercourse, oral sex, oral stimulation, oral-genital sex, oralism, orogenital sex, orolabial stimulation, pancakes, peg, penile detumescence, pigger, pigmouth, pin, pin-up, pinup, pitcher, poo-poo, pooh-pooh, porno, porny, ragmop, red-light districk, reject, road, route 69, route sixty-nine, RR, runts, Rural Route, safeword, scope, screw up, shake the dew off the lily, shake the peg, shrubbery, shuttle-butt, sit-down, sit-me-down, Skinny rubbing, spread eagle, stroll down Cadbury avenue, stroll down Cadbury canal, stroll down the Cadbury avenue, stroll down the Cadbury canal, swelling, tackhead, take down (by hand), tawse, that way, thingamabobs, thorough-good-natured wench, tool, topless bar, travel down route sixty-nine, travel route sixty-nine, up and down, ups and downs, valley of decision (or indecision), vampire, vomit, wedgy, wet noodle, whole voyage, worship at the altar, X.Y.Z., XYZ, yo-yo knickers, yo-yo mouth, yoyo, zoo-style

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