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erected spermapositor:

An erect penis , so-named for its capacity to squirt semen . See penis for synonyms.
See Also: adamantine organon, all forlorn, artificial penis, bit of hard, blanket stiff, blue steeler, camel complaint, Captain Hard, Captain Standish, chapel hat pegs, cocked gun, crimson crowbar, cunt stretcher, digitis erectus, divining rod, dog in a blanket, English sentry, erected spermapositor, funk stick, golden rivet, half-mast, hard-bit, hardened spermapositor, instrumentum erectum, Irish root, ithyphallophobia, length, lithoid phallus, long-arm inspection, male membrum erectum, man steel, medorthophobia, organum virile durum, organum virile erectum, packing heat, peculator pecker, penis length, phallic decorum, phallus adamantus, phallus induratus, phallus rigidus, piss hard, prick-pride, prick-proud, prick-stand, purple throbber, raspberries, red hot poker, rod, rod of love, rod-on, staff, stalk, stem, stemmer, stiff deity, stiff one, stiff peter, stiff-on, strawberries, Sunday best, take the meat out, throbbing member, throbbing muscle of pure love, throbbing python (of love), titty hard-on, tube of meat, up-pointed male spike, wank stick

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