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face time:

1. A kissing or necking session.

2. Time spent in face-to-face conversation in distinction to time spent online.

See Also: 39, acault, acute, airs and graces, Amare et sapere vix deo conceditur, amateur, androgynous fucking, arse about, ass about, ass around, babette, baby face, baby-faced, beach bunny, beach dyke, beast with two backs, beat one's time, beauty mark, belly-to-belly, bite the bullet, blah-face, blah-faced, boat race, bracket face, break in the balls, buck face, buck's face, bulldog chewing a wasp, bump bellies, bump uglies, bumper-to-bumper, bumping pussy, bung upwards, cake pimp, chador, cherry ace, cherry-merry, chip and chase, chronological age, clock-stopper, crater-face, cribbage face, cum dodger, cummy face, daddle, dead pan, depilation, desperation number, deuce and ace, devitalized relationship, dial plate, dick around, esaff, eye to eye, F2F, face, face fucking, face job, face on a stick, face shot, face time, face-to-face mating, facial, first-timer, fish face, fizz, fresh bit, frictation, frigid map, frontispiece, frozen face, fuck away, full frontal, ginny woman, give face, give up your face, glamour puss, glass case, good front, good looker, grand canyons, grill, horse and buggy fuggy, Irish kiss, Jem Mace, jive and juke, joining faces, kisser, long face, long lie, made up like Faust, makeup, man about town, moon face, mutual climax, mutual orgasm, netizen, nowhere cat, on the razzle, phiz, phizog, physic face, physog, phyz, pieface, pissing for shits and giggles, play kissy, play kissy-poo, poker face, poker pan, polygamy, portrait, pucker up, push-face, puss, roach and dace, rowing the boat, rub freak, significant other, smockface, snoot, splatter face, spoons, stepping out, tachyorthosis, tail around, tanpon it long, tempasthenic, thirty-nine, three-finger fuck around, time buying, timesqueer, tip out, to be late, trenches, trisexual, trysexual, twenty-four seven, up for it, vagina-to-vagina, ventral-ventral position, Venus observa, Venus with a penis, worrywort, X2K

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