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female dominant:

Or: female-dom / female-dominator / femdom / femdomme , a dominatrix ; a woman who assumes the dominant role in BDSM scenes; the female equivalent of dom .
Synonyms: bitch-goddess ; corporalist ; discipliness ; domina ; dominant-bitch ; dominatrix ; dominatrix-bitch ; domme ; femdom ; femdom-goddess ; goddess ; headmistress; mastix; mistress ; mistresse; phallic woman ; taskmistress; top . Courtesy titles such as countess , domina ; marquesa , lady , mistress , mistresse, princess , and queen , are usually followed by a name. Examples: Mistress Pain; Countess Storm.
See Also: BF, bitch goddess, blindfolding, cock of the walk, contrasexual, countess, discipliness, dominant bitch, dominate, dominator, dominatrix, dominatrix bitch, domme, female dom, female dominator, femdom, femdomme, goddess, into domination, lady, marquesa, power exchange, princess, slavemaster, slaver, T & B, train, tribology

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