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first leg of three:

A euphemism for the penis . See penis for synonyms.
See Also: 3-Fs, 3P, 63, ace queen, Aut amat aut odit: nil est tertium, baby-split, bacon and eggs, banns, bans, base trio, the, bloomers, bowlegged, butter and cheesecake, callicnemic, chance sandwich, club sandwich, cluster-fuck, cnemopalmia, cnemoscopy, cock-a-fanny, cookie crumbs, corespondent, cross-legged, crurocentric, crurophilous, crurormia, depilation, design for living, double peptide, double-entry, Dutch pegs, flesh sandwich, foursome, gains, gamahuche, gamb, gang sex, gape, get a shot of leg, glad rags, gluteus, group sex, ham and eggs, home plate, home run, ilium, Irish legs, lallies, leg, leg man, leg restraint, leggy, lift a leg, limb, menage a trois, moresome, mumbley pegs, Mystic Megs, Oreo cookie, pegs, pillars to the temple, pins, pubic area, ring around the rosey, séance à trois, sandwich, sausage sandwich, sexciting, stems, syntribadism, syntribate, third base, third set, third sex, three B's, three decker, three F's, three high, Three P, three wheeler, three-dollar bill, three-layer cake, three-legged, three-legged beaver, three-way, three-way split, three-way swing, threesies, threesome, tibiocontrectation, triangle, triolism, triple header, triple penetration, triple shag, trisexual, troilism, troilist, Trois, Les, trysexual, wooden pegs, X-legged

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