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form an attachment:

To initiate a relationship ; to become fond-of ; to fall in-love-with . See love for synonyms.
See Also: acorns, alcahuete, allantotrioism, anilingism, apodysophilia, arachnephilia, asphaltic, autodermatophagia, autoflagellation, bathysadism, bedventure, beo, blissom, breast form, butterfly queen, cock suckstress, corporal arts, cunnilingam, cunnilingham, dippoldismus, drips, the, estromania, F-ing, good figure, hair-job, heterophilia, ilium, imago, labium, labium majus, labium minus, lubricous, one-way, petticoat discipline, rheomism, round the world, slinky, soup, syntribadism, testes, TransLesBiGay, traumaphilia, traumatophilia, waiteress, wazzojugs

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