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frottering bastard:

A lecher who seeks opportunies to rub against the buttocks of desirable women in crowded public places. Synonym: bum-brusher .
See Also: ACAB, adulterine child, bachelor's baby, base-begotten child, base-son, bastardly gullion, blankard, blotch of the escutcheon, a, born in the vestry, born on the wrong side of the blanket, born out of wedlock, bum-brusher, by-chop, by-scape, by-slip, catch colt, chance child, come-by-chance, fatherless, filius nullius, fruit of adultery, love begotten child, love child, merry-begotten, misborn, offspring of adultery, pills, side-stroke, sinfant, slip-up, spurious offspring, whore's kitling, whore's son, whorephan, wood's colt

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