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gay life:

1. Homosexuality.

2. Life in the fast lane.

3. Or: leading a gay life , obsolescent euphemism for living in prostitution . See prostitution for synonyms.

See Also: 3-Bs, Abigail, abyss, advertising bar, aggie, alchemy, angel food, autassassinophilia, babette, bachelor's life, badido, bardajes, barfairy, baume de vie, be on the game, beefcake books, birds and the bees, the, bod-comic, bona omi, bondage queen, bouquet of pansies, breeder fish, brownie queen, bull party, buller, bum boys, bun woman, bust one's beads, butt book, camp culture, campfire girl, carpe diem, chicken-house, chicken-little, chicken-with-a-basket, closet name, commercial queer, confirmed bachelor, cook book, crevice courier, Cuban pumps, dangle queen, dizzy-queen, dolce vita, Dowager Queen, drag mag, drive-in levis, fag hots, fag-lang, faglish, floater, French revolution, fresh stock, fruit cup, Gabe Asher, Gail, Galilee stompers, gay house, gay in the legs, gay lib, gay liberation, gay life, gay lingo, gay milk bar, gay rights, gay slang, gay-leria, gaydom, gaylese, gaytalk, GHM, girl scout, glory hole sex, go places and do things, golden shower queen, goober smoocher, grande passion, GWM, hitchpussy, horizontal, horizontal life, ILGA, ill-piece, in the game, in the line, IRL, kissing fish, lacy, LBGT, Lebensmut, lesbian feminist, life, limp-wristed, love life, lover under the lap, mackery, middle age, Miss Thing, Nora Naugahide, Norman Normal, old crank case, on the bash, on the block, on the business, on the turf, oncer, oyster stew, pansyland, PFL, pink panther gay libber, pink triangle, pissy queen, poodle queen, princepessa, punkie, puppetophilia, puppy flesh, Queen of Scotch, queen's gilded cage, queen's vernacular, rattle the (giddy) beads, read the beads, rubber queen, sausage jockey, sea food, sister act, snow queen, square up, step around, Stonewall Uprising, The, suck-queen, talker, tat, tattoo boy, tavern maid, tea dance, teenhood, toilet water, tonsila, tour time, tourist, tranny fucker, turn the corner, valley of tears, vanilla queen, vita sexualis, water chestnut, wear giddy beads, Xerox queen, yeomanette

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