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gay woman:

1. A lesbian .

2. Or: gay-girl , C19 th British appellation for a prostitute , one who worked in a gay-house . See prostitute for synonyms.

3. Or: gay-wench , obsolete appellation for a loose-woman . See playgirl for synonyms.

See Also: 50:50, 59, abdicate, Abigail, abyss, advertising bar, aggie, Agnes, ahall, alley queen, amyl queen, angel food, antiman, ask for the ring, ass thrasher, ayuga, babette, Baby Crockett, badido, bait, baker's closed, baker's dozen, ball-bearing stewardess, ballad bar, bambi, bambi effect, bardajes, barfairy, basher, beach blanket, beany, beefcake books, bent-wrist, Betty shits her dress, Betty shitting her shoes, Beulah-lover, bibbing, big woman, biker, bird circuit, bitch's Christmas, bitches' Christmas, black snake, blackjack, blessing, BLG, bod-comic, bodyguard, bog queen, bold, bona omi, bondage queen, boot slave, boss-queen, bottle of scent, bouquet of pansies, boy pussy, boy's club, breakthrough, breeder fish, broken-wrist, brown Betty, Brown family, brownie queen, buccaneer, bucket head, bull party, buller, bum boys, bun woman, bush bunny, bust one's beads, butch as Kong, butch cut, butch in the streets, butcher boy, butt book, butt pussy, campfire girl, career boy, casket freak, chatty cathy, cherry top, Chicago Society for Human Rights, chicken butcher, chicken in the basket, chicken pox, chicken snatchitori, chicken-house, chicken-little, chicken-meter, chicken-of-the-sea, chicken-with-a-basket, chocolate bunny, chocolate lover, church member, Clarence Coon, clean kitchen, closet name, club date, coal burner, coffin queen, cohabitation, Colwyn Bay, commercial queer, confirmed bachelor, cook book, cosmetic intuition, cottager, couple friend, crevice courier, Cruella, crunt, Cuban pumps, Cubans, cucumber queen, cupcake, curry queen, Dahlia dyke, dainties, Daisy Dumpling, dangle queen, decoy(er), dethroned, dick-drinker, dinge-rim queen, DINKS, discover one's gender, ditsoon, diving in the sky, dizzy-queen, doll-tits, Dowager Queen, drape queen, drive-in levis, drop one's cookies, drop the plate, Dutch dumplings, entertaining royalty, European accentuation, fag bashing, fag busting, fag hots, fag-lang, faggot worker, faglish, fairy godmother, fairy hawk, fast food sex, fay, felch queen, French embassy, French revolution, fruit cup, fruit-picker, fuck passage, funk-a-thon, funny that way, he's, Gabe Asher, Gail, Galilee stompers, gape, gay chicken, gay for pay, gay ghetto, gay girl, gay house, gay in the legs, gay it up, gay lib, gay liberation, gay lingo, gay milk bar, gay rights, gay slang, gay wench, gay woman, gay-leria, gaybee boom, gaydom, gaying instrument, gaylese, gayola, gaytalk, GHM, ginny woman, girl scout, glass asshole, GLB, glory hole sex, gobette, god-forbid, golden shower queen, gonorita, goober smoocher, goop-gobbler, gutter limits, GWM, have a dash of lavender, have some cream sauce, hettie, hint of lavender, hint of mint, hip-hitter, hitchpussy, homophobic, ice-cube sandwich, icing expert, ILGA, ill-piece, in-sisters, INAH, iron jaws, jaihouse turnout, kabuki, King Lear, kissing fish, knitting, knitting needle, lacy, lanoola, lay it out, LBGT, learn a new way, lesbian feminist, lilies of the valley, limp-wristed, Lincoln tunnel, line-up, lipstick, lipstick on a dipstick, lollipop stop, loose in his loafers, lose one's gender, lover under the lap, mamacita, man pussy, midnight queen, Miss Thing, missionary work, Morticia, mustache ride, negrera, Nora Naugahide, Norman Normal, old crank case, oyster stew, paint the bucket, pansyland, Paris brothers, pasture woman, peasants, peculator pecker, picnic lunch, pig room, pimple joint, pimple palace, pink panther gay libber, pink triangle, pissy queen, poodle queen, poofy, poon, poovy, possesh, pretender to the throne, princepessa, protein queen, punkie, puppy flesh, queen bees, Queen Mary, Queen of Hearts, Queen of Scotch, Queen of Sheba, Queen of Spades, queen on a broomstick, queen's gilded cage, queen's vernacular, quickie station, rattle the (giddy) beads, read the beads, reamo ream, reary, right-handed, ring around the rosey, RM, road game, Roman historian, rough-trade, royal jelly, rubber necking, rubber queen, rumpy, sad-ass, saddle it, Sally, same sex love, sausage jockey, sausage party, sea food, sister act, six à neuf, sixty-nine queen, skillful skull, sniff queen, snow queen, soup, soupy, squelching, Stonewall Uprising, The, stuff a turkey, suck-queen, sunkist queen, swing on it, take somebody on, take the meat out, talk turkey, tar brush, tasty-cover(s), tat, tat queen, tattoo boy, tattoo queen, tavern maid, tea dance, tea engagement, telefag, tender talent, tenderfoot, thirty-forty-dead, three-letter man, tiara, timesqueer, Tina Tuna, tinkler-belle, tisket a-tasket, tit queen, titty-freak, toilet water, token chicken, token-fag queers, token-queer, Tommy Dodd, tondalayo, tonsila, torch job, Tosos, toss freaks, toss him off, touche pipi, tour time, tourist, track two, tranny fucker, trans-fag, TransLesBiGay, tranz-fag, trapper, traveler's aid, trick-cyclist, triple treat queen, Trojan horse, trolling ground, trolling the toilet, true confession, tube queen, turn the corner, TV style, twinkboner, untried, upside-down cake, Vagina Littlefinger, valley of tears, vanilla queen, Venetian blinds, Venus with a penis, Veronica, very gay, Viking queen, village people, virgin queen, waiter, waiteress, wall job, wash the egg out, water chestnut, water lilies, wax fruit, wear a cut-glass veil, wear giddy beads, whomp down on it, whomp it up, widowed aunt, woof up on it, working my last gay nerve, wrecking company, Yankees yawn, yeastful buns a plenty, yeomanette, yummy down on it, yummy it down, yummy up on it

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