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gay house:

Or: gayhouse , a brothel . See brothel for synonyms.
Etymology: Dates back to the late 18 th century when gay-woman or girl referred to a promiscuous women or prostitute ; to be gay or gay-in-the-legs (groin, or arse) was to be promiscuous ; gaying-it meant copulation ; a gaying-instrument was a penis , a gay house was a brothel .
See Also: abyss, accommodation house, advertising bar, aggie, angel food, Animal House, assignation house, babette, badido, band-box, band-house, bardajes, barfairy, bat house, baths, the, Bathsheba, bawd's house, bed house, beefcake books, benny house, bird cage, birdcage, bod-comic, bodikin, bona omi, bondage queen, bordello, bouquet of pansies, boy's smoking house, braille party, breeder fish, brothel-house, brownie queen, bull party, bull-ring clamp, buller, bum boys, bun woman, bust one's beads, butch-school, butt book, cake-shop, call joint, campfire girl, casa, cathouse bird, cathouse cutie, cavaulting school, chicken-house, chicken-little, chicken-with-a-basket, child pornography laws, chippie house, chippie joint, chippy-house, chippy-joint, closet name, coffee house, coffee shop, commercial queer, confirmed bachelor, cook book, cow yard, cow-bag, creep-joint, crevice courier, crib district, Crisco cottage, Cuban pumps, custom-house, dangle queen, disorderly house, dive, dizzy-queen, doss, doss house, Dowager Queen, drive-in levis, fag factory, fag hots, fag-lang, faglish, family hotel, flash crib, flash panny, fleabag, flophouse, flower house, French revolution, fruit cup, fuck-house, full hand, Gabe Asher, Gail, Galilee stompers, gay girl, gay house, gay in the legs, gay lib, gay liberation, gay milk bar, gay rights, gay slang, gay woman, gay-leria, gaydom, gaying instrument, gaylese, gentoo house, get a lot of house, GHM, girl scout, give a lot of house, glory hole sex, golden shower queen, goober smoocher, goosing ranch, goosing slum, GWM, hardware shop, hitchpussy, hook joint, hook shop, hot hole, hot house, house, house in the suburbs, house of all nations, house of call, house of civil reception, house of convenience, house of delight, house of enjoyment, house of fame, house of ill delight, house of ill fame, house of ill repute, house of joy, house of lewdness, house of pleasure, house of profession, house of prostitution, house of sale, house of shame, house of sin, house of tolerance, house of vulgar resort, ILGA, ill-piece, immoral house, jag house, kissing fish, knocking-house, knocking-joint, knocking-shop, KY cow house, lacy, LBGT, lesbian feminist, lewd house, limp-wristed, loose-love center, lover under the lap, maison de joie, make a pit stop, meat factory, Miss Thing, moll house, molly house, molly shop, mother damnable, nautch house, nautch joint, Nora Naugahide, Norman Normal, notch house, notch joint, old crank case, onery house, Our lady of the vapor(s), oyster stew, pansyland, pheasantry, pig room, pink panther gay libber, pink triangle, pissy queen, play center, poodle queen, poontang palace, princepessa, public house, punkie, puppy flesh, pussy palace, Queen of Scotch, queen's gilded cage, queen's vernacular, rattle the (giddy) beads, read the beads, red lighterie, red scatter, red-light, red-light house, rubber queen, sausage jockey, scatter, sea food, seraglietto, service station, shooting gallery, shouse, sink of iniquity, sister act, slut hut, smoongy, snake ranch, snow queen, snuggling-ken, spoiling house, sporting house, stew(s), Stonewall Uprising, The, suck-queen, sugar hill, tat, tattoo boy, tavern maid, tea dance, telephone house, temple of love, Temple of Venus, toilet water, tonsila, tour time, tourist, tranny fucker, trugging ken, turn the corner, valley of tears, vanilla queen, Vaseline Villa, walk-up, wank house, warm shop, water chestnut, wear giddy beads, whore-shop, whoremistress, women's house, yeomanette, zoo

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