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genital organs:

Or: genitalia / genitals , the organs-of-reproduction in both the male and female, especially the external genital organs (those visible outside the body), the penis and testicles in the male, the vagina and surrounding area (the mons veneris, vestibule ; labia-minora and majora, clitoris and pubic hair) in the female. The female-reproductive-organs consist of the vagina , clitoris , vulva , uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and related structures. The male-reproductive-organs include the penis , testes and related structures, prostate , seminal vesicles, and bulbourethral glands .
Etymology: From the Latin genitalia , plural form of genitalis .
Synonyms: human-reproductive-organs ; organs-of-generation ; (male and/or female) organs-of-reproduction ; organs-of-the-reproductive-system ; reproductive-organs (of either the male or female); sex-organs (internal and/or external); sexual-organs (of reproduction); sex-and-reproductive-organs ; sexual and reproductive-organs (and system). See penis and vagina for synonyms.
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