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group masturbation:

Masturbation practiced openly with three or more participants either on themselves or each other.
Synonyms: masturbation orgy; masturbatory-orgy .
See also: dealing ; double-jacking ; dual-masturbation ; jack-off-session ; M-and-M ; mutual-masturbation ; playing-chopsticks ; pole-vaulting ; Swedish-culture ; swordfighting .
See Also: 17-ketosteroid, a.s.s.d, Accu-Jac, airtight, baker's dozen, bouquet of pansies, boyz, bunch-punch, cat-party, Chicago Society for Human Rights, circle fuck, co husband, co wife, cultures, daisy ring, dirty mac brigade, five knuckle chuckle, in-group, jack-off session, manual job, masturbatory orgy, on-premise swing club, sausage party, sew, stereotype, swing club, taffy-pulling contest, team cream, theater in the round, Tosos, two-way girl, twosies, wrecking company

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