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happy valley:

1. Geographic metaphor for the female genitalia . Early 20 th century British coinage. See vagina for synonyms.
SEE ALSO: cliff ; geography ; peculiar-river .

2. The cleft separating the buttocks . To ski-up-and-down-Happy-Valley , to masturbate the penis between the buttocks of the sex partner .
SYNONYMS: ass-crack ; backeye-slice ; backeye-slit ; broad-smile ; brownsward ; bum-cleavage ; butt-crack ; buttocks-cleavage ; cleft ; crack ; crease ; crevice ; foul-line ; reverse-cleavage ; split ; vertical-grin ; valley .

See Also: crack run, cracking, crease, crevice, dockers ABC, expectant, expecting, expecting a little stranger, foul line, fuck-happy, fuck-nutty, gay time, geography, great divide, happy valley, hotline, intermammary cleft, lilies of the valley, line of cleavage, mesoseinia, Skinny rubbing, split, sweet line, sweetest valley, val, valley, vertical grin, visitor to Marmite valley, visitor to Vegemite valley, warmest valley

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