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have intimate relations with:

To have sexual-intercourse with. See copulation for synonyms.
See Also: acomovulvate, anorchid, be with a woman, bicycle rider, blah-faced, butcher boy, carrying on, cohabit, comarital, conjugal rites, connubial pleasures, copula carnalis, enosiophobia, erotophobe, extramarital sex, free loving, free lovism, Getting any?, getting laid, girlish, heart-to-heart, heavy petting, inamorata, inamorato, lard ass, leggy, limp-wristed, mason, mixoscopia, mixoscopia bestialis, molest (someone), nymphokick, offshore drilling, on the razzle, outside sexual contact, palsy-walsy, relations, riding in another mans saddle, scrotal, sister act, studly, teated, teretophallic, tickle the minikin, wear boxer shorts, zoorast

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