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heterosexual bias:

Or: heterosexism , the assumption that anyone is heterosexual , that being heterosexual is the only normal, correct and acceptable lifestyle and in fact superior to alternative relational lifestyles; also the tendency to dismiss or devalue homosexuality .
See Also: adultism, alloiophilic, allorgasmia, anekay, bear play, butch number, CHUDWAH, CHUSWAH, civilian, coitante, coitus orthodoxus, daffodil, fag bag, fag stag, faggot's moll, faggots lunch box, fifth wheel, gender-free language, hesexual, het, hetero-, heterocoitus, heterophobia, heterosexism, heterosexual bias, homo-lover, homophobia, Irish way, jaihouse turnout, missionary work, nonsexist language, Norman Normal, one of those, one-way, peasants, pre-woman, pretender to the throne, regular trick, right-handed, RM, rough-trade, sexually confused, sister act, square, str, timesqueer, titty, tour time, tourist, western lay, woman of size, womanist

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