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hole it:

1. To penetrate with the penis . See copulation for synonyms.

2. To contract the anal-sphincter during anal-copulation .
SYNONYMS: bite ; clamp-it-silly ; hole it ; snap (it).
SEE ALSO: biting-dog ; snapping-pussy ; snapping-turtle .

See Also: A-hole, algophily, arsehole, be your own best friend, bombosity, butthole, casual sex, comprehensive physician, external urinary meatus, eye-hole, fuckhole, geegee (hole), gigi (hole), having sex with someone you love, heavens above, hole, holy-of-holies, meatus, meatus urinarius, mouth, north pole, piss hole, polymorphously perverse, sex with someone you love, shrubbery, tough shit!, tough titties!, urethral meatus, urethral opening, urethral orifice

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