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hot beaver shot:

In a pornographic-movie or magazine, an explicit scene or photograph showing the female genitals .
SYNONYMS: beaver ; beaver-shot ; burgershot ; gynecologic-spread ; split-beaver ; spread-beaver ; spread-shot ; spreader ; wide-open-beaver .
See Also: 900 number, appetence, appetency, appetite, ardor veneris, beaver shooter, beaver shot, big shit, big wheel, blue flame, burgershot, C-light, carnal desire, continental shot, cummy face, cunt light, dick with, eager beaver, fall for, fervent, fervid, get a shot of leg, goodies, gynecologic spread, hot, hot beaver shot, hot bot, hot flash, hot flush, hot for, jizzer, man-below position, monster shot, poon light, shoot, shooting gallery, shooting iron, shooting stick, shot of beaver, a, snowstorm, softy, split beaver, split-beaver shot, spread beaver, spread shot, spreader, stovepipe, TLC, waiting for wood, wide-open beaver, woodsman

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