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jack off party:

Masturbation practiced openly with three or more participants, either on themselves or each other in concert.

SYNONYMS: dealing ; double-jacking ; dual-masturbation ; jack-off-session ; M-and-M ; mutual-masturbation ; playing-chopsticks ; pole-vaulting ; Swedish-culture ; swordfighting .

QUOTE: Sir Michael Barington (Timothy Dalton) in Sextette (1978): ' Oh, we all pulled together at Eaton .' (He's talking about water-sports .)

See Also: absolute divorce, beach bash, bitch's Christmas, bitches' Christmas, braille party, camp it off, can entertain, circle jerk, corespondent, dealing, double jacking, drag party, dual masturbation, flip it around, gay and hearty, J.O., jack-off session, Jackie, jill off, jump off/out at..., M and M, mutual masturbation, off, on, playing chopsticks, pole vaulting, sewing circle, sex it up, Swedish, Swedish culture, swordfighting, tear off a piece (of ass), theme party, village sing, wallflower, Want some company?, wig party, WOOPIE

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