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main lady:

The oldest and, in some cases, the most experienced and/or most trusted of a pimps prostitutes.

SEE ALSO: B-girl-string ; bottom-woman ; corral ; family ; girlfriend ; in-laws; main ; main-bitch ; main lady ; main-piece ; main-squeeze ; meal-ticket ; mother ; old-lady ; pimp's-corral ; sister-in-law ; stable ; wife-in-law .

See Also: B-girl string, basis, bean-jacks, belle boy, boomer, bottom woman, buttock-clingers, Chief Boot Knocka, cockish wench, corral, demoiselle, double, erotocrat, family, favorite dish, feminine heart pumper, God's gift to women, Haemophilus vaginalis, heart breaker-upper, heart-crusher, heart-smasher, high-voltage sheik, hot flame, in-law, king of clubs, knave of hearts, ladies' cherce, ladies' choice, lady-killer, ladybug, lounge beetle, lounge lizard, love pirate, love thief, main, main avenue, main bitch, main dish, main lady, main piece, man of affairs, old lady, panty raid, parlor lizard, pimp's corral, popular with the ladies, powder-room, proper Casanova, a, queener, Sheik, sister-in-law, smooth operator, spark, sparker, squaw man, stable, star of the line, streetwalking, studhammer, sugar-cookie, supper-jet, tea-hound, thriller, walk the streets, wife-in-law, woman's home companion, young blade, young buck

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