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main piece:

In prostitution , a pimp's most experienced and/or most dependable worker frequently the woman with whom he lives or the one with whom he has had the longest relationship .

SYNONYMS: bottom-woman ; main ; main-bitch ; main-lady ; main-squeeze ; star-of-the-line .

SEE ALSO: B-girl-string ; corral ; family ; girlfriend ; in-laws; mother ; old-lady ; pimp's-corral ; sister-in-law ; stable ; wife-in-law .

See Also: a piece of stray, abnormal forms, B-girl string, basis, bikini, blind meat, bottom woman, chemise, corral, double, family, favorite dish, Haemophilus vaginalis, in-law, main, main avenue, main bitch, main dish, main lady, main piece, main squeeze, old lady, panty hose, piece, pimp's corral, ringpiece, saw off a chunk, sister-in-law, stable, star of the line, tear a piece of ass, tear off a piece (of ass), wife-in-law

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