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nuts about:

Or: nuts-for , extremely fond-of ; crazy in-love-with . See love for synonyms.
See Also: appetence, appetency, appetite, ardor veneris, ball wracker, ball-breaker, ball-buster, blue balls, blueballs, bum crumbs, bumtags, bust a nut, bust one's gut, carnal desire, chipmunk, chug nuts, clagnuts, clinkers, coco-pops, cranberries, dags, dangleberries, de-ball, de-nut, desex, dilberries, dillberries, dingleberries, fartleberries, fervent, fervid, General smuts, hot nuts, hot nuts for, hot rocks, kling-ons, love nuts, nutcrackers, nuts, nuts about, nuts for, play chipmunk, tagnuts, toffee strings, utsnay, where the monkey sleeps, wilnots, wilnuts, winnets, winnits, wuffle nuts

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