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old man:

1. Or: old man spouse , a term of reference by a woman for her husband or mate . My old man . See husband for synonyms.

2. The penis . See penis for synonyms.

3. A prostitute's appellation for her pimp . See pimp for synonyms.

See Also: Adam, advanced in years, aged, agedness, aging actress, alter kocker, anile, anility, ankle-biter, aunt, auntie, ball gown, batch, big conk, big cock, bordello, bow window, brother starling, change one's luck, chin-strap, chronologically gifted, claim jumper, codger, crinkly, crone, crow, crowie, crumblie, curvaceous, curvesome, curvy, delo diam, delo nammow, dirty mac brigade, domine do little, Dracula's mother, dusty, elderliness, elderly, fallen star, flogging cully, frogging cully, fumbler, fuzz face, gerascophobia, geriatric set, Geritol set, gerontophobia, gettng on (in years), grandma, gray lady, grimm's fairy, hag, hairy banana, husband, jaisy, lady-love, love child, making bishops, man-above position, men's lib, missionary position, mount, naviculans, no spring chicken, of mature years, offspring of adultery, old bat, old battle-axe, old codger, old goat, old in and out, the, old in-out, the, old man, old one-eye, old timer, old woman, piss proud, pot and pan, prune person, rancid flower, riding in another mans saddle, rug rat, run after, S.O.S., sexually focused chronologically gifted individual, shit-palm, soiled senior citizen, spurious offspring, stuff a turkey, sunset years, tender chick, three-inch fool, tightie whities, tired-old thing, titty bug, TOD, top-diver, trout, variety artist, wheelchair set, wrinkly, yard, zook

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