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one man show:

A metaphor for male masturbation . See masturbation-male for synonyms.
See Also: 50:50, a bit ginger, Adam, allorgasmia, American trombone, androgynous fucking, androgyny, Are you keeping it for the worms?, ass man, bloke, chorus girl, circus, codger, double moral standard, double sexual standard, double standard, Dowager Queen, erotica, exibeeshes, face shot, feminine heart pumper, fifty-fifty, free holder, gaucho, get lucky, girly girly show, girly show, golden shower, good looker, Greek god, grind house, hunk of beef, hunkorama, jiggly show, looky-loo, male chauvinist pig, manglish, marathon, MCP, mount, Mr. Right, oncer, one-on-one booth, panel house, pinup boy, poodle queen, proper Casanova, a, R-Rated, raree show, session fee, sex show, sexually explicit, silent epidemic, smooth article, snuff film, snuff movie, split beaver, tail over the dashboard, take the meat out, thumbnail, topless radio, tourist, Turkish medal, unbutton the mutton, virile, watch and jack, what's-his-name, wheel it out, whip it out, zip it out

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