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open ones bowels:

To restore the passage of feces by means of a laxative.
See Also: abdominal ostium, anal fistula, anal impotence, anal orifice, anaspadias, B.M., baby-split, box tonsils, bushie mall, butch-fluff, can entertain, colpyle, deep kiss, defecaloesiophobia, defecate, defecation, delicate tissue, dirt factory, dopey, duker, dung-trumper, exchange spit(s), fistula in ano, food dropper, give tonsil-lectomy, hymenal ring, incontinent, maiden ring, mouth wrestle, mouth wrestling, open up, optophobia, pass secrets, peepee hole, saucer eyes, saucers, shit locker, slop-chute, soul kissing, spastic colon, swap spit, tail over the dashboard, tail-femme, thrasher, throw the tongue, toe rage, tongue kissing, tongue wrestle, tongue wrestling, trade spit, transvaginal, Turkish medal, vestibule, Yankees yawn

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