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In Irish parlance, sexual-intercourse . See copulation for synonyms.
See Also: allopellia, alternative lifestyle, anaclitic, be outed, beads, berdache, brotherly love, brush, buddy booths, burgundy handkerchief, butch it up, butt out!, camp it up, capnolagnia, cat-fighting, charisma, closet case, closet dyke, closet queer, closet, the, come aloft, comfort for the troops, coming out of the closet, condyloma (acuminata), coproscopist, corner, cross-dresser, dirt, dish dirt, dish the dirt, doing it, drop beads, drop one's hairpins, dysmorphophobia, fraternize, gallop the antelope, genital warts, gism, gissom, gisum, gizzum, globus hystericus, gossip, HPV, human papilloma virus, imago, indecent exposure, jessom, jisem, jism, jissom, jiz, jizz, jizzom, jizzum, left hip pocket, love life, miserablelism, nether end, nether eye, nether eyebrow, nether lashes, nether lips, nether whiskers, nodge, non-conforming gender, outed, pander, panderage, panderer, pandering, panderism, phallocrat, psychrophilia, right hip pocket, sadism, safest sex, sensate focus exercises, serpent, silent horror, soteriophobia, thlipsophilist, thlipsosis, torch of Venus, transcengender, tribology

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