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phallic worship:

Worship of the penis as a symbol of generative power. The penis was also glorified in art as a plough , an axe, or a sword .

SYNONYMS: phallicism ; penis-worship .

QUOTE: Lawrence Paros, The Erotic Tongue (1984): ' Man has always been of two minds in dealing with his pr**k [prick]. It's been both an object of great pride and of great shame. Back in ancient times, it was treated with reverence and worshipped as the source of fecundity and perceived to be the power behind motherhood, fertility, food and the seasonal cycles. In Egypt and Greece symbolic representations of it , huge phalluses (late 18 th -20 th C . from the Greek for pr**k), were carried about in solemn religious processions. In Rome, images of pr**ks could be found everywhere. There were pr**ks at the doors of shops, pr**ks at the city gates, and pr**ks attached to the chariots of famous generals. Even drinking glasses and goblets were cast in their shape. Believing that the phallus possessed magic powers and was especially effective in warding off the evil eye , the Romans also cast good-luck charms in the shape of male-organs, which they wore about the neck . Supposedly, the evil eye became so taken-with the sight of the pr **k that its attention was diverted from the intended victim. These charms were called fascina or "little bundles", from which we get the word "fascinating ."'

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