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quick piece (of ass):

Quick act of sex ; a rushed act of copulation with little or no foreplay and little or no romantic involvement (often performed while largely clothed).

SYNONYMS: bang-bang-bang ; bump-n-run ; bing-bang-thank-you-mam ; bunny-fuck ; butter-and-dash ; fast-fuck ; five-minute-shack-up ; flash-in-the-pan ; glory-hole-sex ; hit-and-run-sex (or fuck); McQ ; one-minute-fuck ; a quick in-and-out job ; quickie ; quick-one ; quick-sex ; sex-on-the-run ; short-one ; ram-bam-thank-you-ma'am ; slam-bang-thankee-ma'am; take-a-flier ; wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am ; wham-bam-thank-Sam.

See Also: A double S, a piece of luggage, a piece of stray, A-double scribble, abnormal forms, after part, alley queen, aris, arse, arsecons, assaroonie, back part, back seat, backhand drive, backland, backs, bahookie, ballinocack, bang-bang-bang, batti, beauns, beautocks, Big A, the, bikini, bing-bang-thank-you-mam, blind cupid, blind meat, bom, bomb bay, bomsey, bottle and glass, boxey, bumbo, bump-n-run, bunchy, bunny fuck, bunt, butter and dash, canister set, chemise, corybungo, dokus, drive-thru, dummock, duster, English muffins, fast fuck, five-minute shack up, flankey, flash in the pan, fundillo, gatees, gazeet, gluteal region, Greek side, half-hour shine, hamhocks, haunches, hernandies, hindquarters, Hinterland, hit and run sex, honey rolls, hot cross buns, hot pockeroo, in like Flynn, kab edis, kingdom come, lard, late back, the, latter end, latter part, lower back, male tale, McQ, mottob, nachas, naka-nake, ninan, okole-mas, on, one minute fuck, P.T.A., panty hose, parking place, pellin, piece of luggage, popo, posterior, posteriora, postern, potcharooney, quick, quick in-and-out job, a, quick one, quickie, quickie station, ram-bam-thank-you-ma'am, ringpiece, rolls, rosey, rum, rumble seat, rumpus, rumpus delecti, rusty-dusty, set of cakes, set of pears, set-down, sex-on-the-run, short one, shortcake, sit-down, sit-upon(s), sitting room, slam-bam-thankee-ma'am, soft peat, south side, south-end, squat, Sunday face, tail end, take a flier, tear a piece of ass, tear off a piece (of ass), tockus, tokis, tokus, tooky, wedge bone, wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am, wham-bam-thank-you-Sam, whatass

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