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rap club:

Or: rap club / rap-parlor , in the US, especially in New York since the 1970s, a massage-parlor . See brothel for synonyms.
See Also: assc, bite rhymes, bone out, boo-boo head, bozack, bremelo, buckwild, buckwilding, cateye, clubbed foot, cock diesel, cut up, dig out, doll house, DSL, female impersonator, floor show, fly, furilla, G'd up, get buckwild, hair-job, ho cake, homegirl, honey dip, in the club, in the pudding club, jammy, jenny, jimbrowsky, Jimmy cap, Jimmy hat, O.P.P., on-premise swing club, phallating stick, power U, rap club, rap parlor, rap studio, skeeze, stringer, switch club, TV lounge

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