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rap parlor:

Or: rap-club / rap-studio , in the US, especially in New York since the 1970s, a massage-parlor . See brothel for synonyms.
See Also: assisted shower, bite rhymes, bone out, boo-boo head, bozack, bremelo, buckwild, buckwilding, cateye, cock diesel, cut up, dig out, do massage work, DSL, extras, fly, full-service, furilla, G'd up, get buckwild, gonk, hair-job, ho cake, homegirl, honey dip, hostess, house split, jammy, jenny, jimbrowsky, Jimmy cap, Jimmy hat, leisure spa, light touch body rub, lighthouse, massage parlor, O.P.P., power U, prick rag, rap club, rap parlor, rap studio, relaxation rubdown, relief massage, rub parlor, rub-a-tug shop, sauna club, skeeze, southern massage, work from the book

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