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seat (of the pants):

Informal term for the posterior , the rump , the ass . See ass for synonyms.

Quote: Smythe (Halliwell Hobbes), the butler, to Bingy (Walter Catlett) in the chairless hall of the Schuyler Mansion in Platinum Blonde (1931): '-- Have a seat. -- I have a seat, but nowhere to put it .'

See Also: arse curtains, basket lunch, basket weaving, broad in the beam, broad-beamed, bun-pressers, capris, chicken-with-a-basket, come-fuck-me's, double assed, dust someone's pants, dust someone's trouser, fleas and ants, hot-panted woman, insects and ants, itchy pants, leg-crushers, love seat, panty pisser, play checkers, play chess, pokes, riders, riding the bitch's seat, seat (of the pants), tasty-cover(s), unbetty, wearer of the breeches, zipper sex

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