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second face:

The backside ; the ass . See ass for synonyms.
See Also: 39, 50:50, Accu-Jac, adrenal glands, airs and graces, androgynous fucking, babette, baby face, baby-faced, Batman and Robin, beast with two backs, beauty mark, belly-to-belly, bikini, bipara, bite the bullet, blah-face, blah-faced, boat race, Boston marriage, bracket face, brown bag special, buck face, buck's face, buddy booths, bulldog chewing a wasp, bump bellies, bump uglies, bumper-to-bumper, bumping pussy, bung upwards, cap and blow, Cash Flagg, cat-fight, chador, cherry ace, chip and chase, Christ and two apostles, clock-stopper, cow-climbing, crater-face, cribbage face, crus of the clitoris, cum dodger, cummy face, daddle, De duobus malis, minus est semper eligendum, dead pan, depilation, deuce and ace, deuterition, dial plate, dimorphism, do the beast with two backs, do the two-backed beast, docking, double, double dong, double dude, double fire, double payment, dual dildo, Engirix B, esaff, eye to eye, F2F, face, face on a stick, face shot, face time, face-to-face mating, facial, fifty-fifty, fish face, fizz, frictation, frigid map, frontispiece, frozen face, full frontal, g-g, give up your face, glamour puss, glass case, good front, good looker, grand canyons, grill, hit it off, horse and buggy fuggy, in-sisters, Irish kiss, Jem Mace, joining faces, kisser, les-be-friends, long face, love seat, made up like Faust, make the beast with two backs, making the beast with two backs, moon face, panel worker, permanent mascara, phiz, phizog, physic face, physog, phyz, pieface, pillow fucker, play a return engagement, play kissy, play kissy-poo, poker face, poker pan, polygamy, portrait, push-face, puss, riding the bitch's seat, roach and dace, rose between two thorns, rowing the boat, rub freak, second oldest profession, sex-linked, sexual dimorphism, snoot, splatter face, spoon fashion, spoons, taffy-pulling contest, take out insurance, thirty-nine, trap two, trenches, triangle, two-backed beast, twosies, vagina-to-vagina, ventral-ventral position, Venus observa, Venus with a penis, white meat turkey on pumpernickel

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