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sex with someone you love:

Masturbation; based on a famous one-liner by Woody Allen. See masturbation for synonyms.

Quote: Alvy Singer (Woody Allen) to Annie (Diane Keaton) in Annie Hall (1977): ' Don't knock masturbation! It's sex with someone I love .' Off-screen Woody also said: ' I believe that sex is a beautiful thing between two people. Between five, it's fantastic .'

See Also: ache for, agape, agapism, all fussed up, all shaky-shivery, Amantium irae, amoris integratio est, amatory, amatory pleasures, amor sui, Amor vincit omnia, amour fou, amour socratique, amphiphilia, anaphroditic, attachment, batty about, be captivated by, be crazy about, be cuckoo over, be enchanted by, be fascinated by, be gone on, be goofy about, be hot for, be infatuated with, be smitten with, be soft on, be stuck on, be swept off one's feet, be taken with, be turned on by, be wacky about, be your own best friend, better sex, bi-lingual, big love, bilingual, billy-doo, blind love, Bohemian love, break out in a rash over, bring on, brotherly love, burn up over, calf love, care for someone in a big way, caritas, carry a torch, carry flaming embers for, carry off one's feet, carry the torch, carrying a torch, caught in flagrante, cause of causes, click right off the bat, cold sex, con amore, contrectophilia, cop off with, cracked on, Cupid dances on his/her eyelids, Cupids cramp, dead nuts on, devout sex, dirty mind, dizzy over, eating out, eternal wound, the, fair sex, fairer sex, fall in a big way, fan someone's tail, far gone on, far goner, father-fucker, feel that way, flip over for, fuck someone over, fuck someone up, gentle sex, gentler sex, get a claim check on, get a kick out of, get across, get horizontal, get on someones wick, get someone off, give good head, give some sugar, give the once over, go down and do tricks, go down on (someone), go out with, go overboard, god of love, gone case, goo-goo eyes, gooey over, goofy, grande passion, gratify someone's desires, hard ass, have a crush on, have a yen for, have affection for, have it bad, have one on the brain, have one's heart doing back flips, have one's heart doing flip-flips, have that funny feeling, have the miseries, have the tremors, having sex with someone you love, heart-stricken, heteroerotic, homoamorous, homoerotic, homophilia, honey fuck, honeyfuck, hot for, hunger for, in deep, in heat over, infatuation, jump in the sack, kid-simple, lacy, lilac, lose one's heart, love all to pieces, love drink, love in, love's fruits, love-god, lovesick, lust after, make love to, mal d'amour, miseries, the, moon after, moon for, moon over, moon-eyed, moonstruck, moony about, moony for, moony over, Narcissus, on fire over, partial to, perpetual emotion, philophobia, pine for, proposish, pull someone off, put the chill on someone, ring someone's bell, ring someone's chimes, roses and raptures, run one's eyes over, same sex love, scope on, scope out, scrumpable, second sex, service, set one's cap for, set one's heart on, sex with someone you love, shrieker sex, Si vis amari, ama, silly about, slip someone a length, softening of the hearters, softer sex, sweep off one's feet, swept off one's feet, T.L.C., take a fancy to, take it out in trade, taken with, tampered with, tenth word in a telegram, thanatophilia, that certain gleam in one's eyes, that way, thelyphthoric, throw oneself at, Tonya, torch, torch carrier, torching, torching for, torchy, touchy, true love, turn someone on, turn someone out, twirl, unfair sex, untried, voomish, wacky about, weaker sex, yen, yummy, zoophilist

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